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Sunny Leone raps for Barbie Girl’s song from her movie

If you think a woman takes longer to get ready, Sunny Leone will help you break the myth. The actor recently put in the skin of a man for a sequence of his next film Tera Intezaar, the song Barbie Girl. Sunny has undergone a complete change of look, and the photos of her will surely surprise you. Sharing her Instagram experience, Sunny writes that she is surprised to see that she looks more like her father and brother.

“Becoming a man is not easy! The team that made it possible! What is crazy is that I look like my brother and my father. Freaky! Sunny wrote.

The actor also shared a video in which he seems almost unrecognizable and gets the attitude of a fair rapper. The video is a monitor clip when the actor was shooting. By posting the video on Instagram, Sunny wrote: “He stole a monitor clip, I hope to make the movie!

Sunny thanked her makeup artist for the look. She said, “What it takes to be a man to Tera Intezaar in our song” Barbie Girl “my extremely talented @tomasmoucka mad scientist, you are so talented I love you! “.

The actor would be seen playing brother and producer Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Tera Intezaar.

Look at the photos and videos:

Tera Intezaar is presented as a romantic and musical thriller directed by Raajeev Walia and produced by Aman Mehta of Mehta and Bijal Bageshree Films with producer Ruby Prem Singh, Pankaj Thakkar and Manoj Sanghvi. The film will be premiered on November 24th.

Source: The Indian Express