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Provocation was there: Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Saturday that Dhaka could solve the Rohingya crisis by increasing international pressure on Myanmar and through dialogue.

The international community has remained standing by the Rohingyas once Bangladesh has made up its mind, it said at a welcome it was granted for having governed the Awami League at the airport upon its return from the United States after having attended the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Given Bangladesh’s airspace violation by the Myanmar Air Force during the early days of the current crisis, the Prime Minister mentioned that Naypyidaw had incited Dhaka in various ways.

I have alerted the army about this so they do not fall into the trap of provocation of Myanmar, Hasina said.

He pointed out that the Rohingyas lived an inhumane life and were subject to repression. Naturally, we had to give them shelter. The people of Bangladesh have shown a humanitarian attitude and we do not expect the help of anyone she added.

However, the Prime Minister said that discussions on how to resolve the crisis began in different parts of the world. Myanmar has started negotiations, he said.

Sheikh Hasina, also president of the LA, received the reception of his party for sheltering more than half a million Rohingyas and drawing the attention of the world community by his address to the UN General Assembly recently .

Earlier he left the United States after attending the United Nations General Assembly and his surgery in London from where he arrived at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the morning.