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Mila’s husband was sent to prison for assaulting her

The husband of Mila, the popular pop singer of Mila, was arrested for being physically and mentally assaulted.

Pervez Sanjary, also a US Bangla Airlines pilot, was sent to prison on Friday, Uttara police said.

Earlier on Thursday, Mila filed a case with the Uttara police station (west), claiming that Parvez had tortured her for the dowry.

Later, police arrested the accused on Thursday night, Uttara police officer Ali Hossain Khan said Friday night.

Mila’s husband beat her and broke her arm. She was taken to the hospital of the Dhaka Medical School for treatment. “

“We are looking for pre-trial detention for the accused, but the court ordered him to be sent back to jail and we will ask him on his return home on Sunday,” the OC added.

Investigative Sub-Inspector (SI) investigator Aminul Islam said: “Parvez has been sued to prevent the repression of women and children.”

According to the case, Mila was beaten by her husband on 3 October. It was then processed at DMCH.

The case statement also stated that Parvez took the dowry 500,000 Tk earlier and recently demanded another million Tk in dowry.

The singer tied the knot with Parvez on 12 May 2017 in his residence in Dhaka.