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3 dead in the “militant den” of the capital: RAB

The members of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) found three bodies Friday in an alleged militant den, Rubi Villa, located in the Nakhalpara area of ​​the capital.

The bodies were recovered after the RAB attacked the building about 100 meters from the Prime Minister’s office, RAB officials said.

Nuruzzaman Montu, a resident near the building, said he heard about gunshots. At one point, law enforcement officers announced something with a microphone.

The elite force officials said they started the operation in the building, suspected of being a “militant hiding place” around 2:00 am.

Apparently, militants threw grenades at members of the RAB during the attack, the officers said.

The media wing of the RAB said the suspected militants remained on the fourth floor of a fifth-floor building.

The director of RAB’s media wing, Mufti Mahmud Khan, confirmed the deaths of three people in the so-called militant den. “

Earlier, Mufti said, “Since grenades have been thrown, entering the building is not safe at this time.

When asked if there was a brain inside the house, Mufti said, “We do not have this information yet.”